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Week 03

PIQ / PS Topics

PIQs – Personal Insight Questions
PS – Personal Statement
What should an admissions officer know about you that isn’t included in the rest of your application? This is the chance to show them.

Week 03

PROMPT: The world is going full-technology. You have to convert your memories to data files, but there is only room for 10 of your memories from the past. Which ones do you choose to upload and keep? These don’t have to be your best memories - or your worst - but the ones that you think are the most central to your personhood, to who you are and to who you are becoming.

Step 1: List 7 memories.

These memories could be:
• a moment which defined who you are,
• a lesson you learned, from others or from yourself,
• a challenge you’ve faced,
• a personal hardship or barrier you’ve overcome.

Please AVOID:
• anything illegal,
• the game-winning touchdown (sports are overused in essays so it will be a challenge to make yours stand out),
• a list of accomplishments (admissions officers want to see GROWTH over bragging),
• sensitive topics like religion or politics (you don’t want to assume the admissions officer believes the same ideas that you do, so this is a risky move),
• your sex life.

Step 2: Choose 3 memories to focus on. For each of these, write down how this memory changed you, what this memory taught you or what the experience you had says about who you are and/or who you are becoming.

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