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Week 09

Activities Log

This is the part of your application where you share the activities you do outside of the classroom. Showcase your community involvement, team-playing abilities, etc.

Week 09

1. Review the Activities Log Sample. Notice how detailed it is.

2. Download a copy of the Activities Log Template

3. Complete your own Activities Log for all below sections:
- Clubs, Activities, Sports you participate in AT school
- Community Involvement, and Volunteering OUTSIDE of school
- Work experience (paid or unpaid) which could include at-home responsibilities count (babysitting or tutoring siblings or cousins, translating for family members, etc.)

4. Include Roles within each organization (e.g., team captain, treasurer, participant, customer service representative, tutor)

5. Include start and end dates for each activity (month / year). Include activities from the summer after middle school to present (9th-12th grade). If you are still participating in an activity, the end date is “Present”

6. Include approximately how many hours per week you spent on each activity

7. In your college application, each activity will generally have a limit on the number of words and/or characters that you can use. With that said, you can either write the descriptions in paragraph form (using proper grammar, complete sentences, capitalization, etc.) or in bullet form (same rules apply).

Here are examples of strong, active verbs to include in your descriptions:

• Support(ed)
• Empower(ed)
• Assist(ed)
• Research(ed)
• Conduct(ed)
• Lead/Led
• Participate(d)

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