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Week 03


Never made a resume? We'll help you start from scratch! Already have one? We'll help you update it!


Today, you will work on creating or developing your resume. Together, we will go through the Resume Guidelines below, and use all these tips to work on your resumes, regardless of your starting point.

If you’ve never made a resume before, no problem! Use the template linked below.

If you already have a resume, great! Let’s update it with your most recent experience then identify places for improvement. This could look like:

• Replacing verbs (action words) with stronger versions. For example, you could replace “worked on” with “created” or “achieved.”

• Adding adjectives (descriptive words). If you are a “team player,” you could add “collaborative team player.”

• Including specifics. If you supervise a team, include how many people you supervise.

Of course, let us know if you have any questions at all! We’re happy to review your drafts along the way and when you’re done!

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